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Workshops & Seminars

Mo'Kha's workshops and seminars are infused with elements of artistic expression through writing and the incorporation of music and visual art. She believes the key to establishing a life of joy, happiness and true contentment is by embracing the uniqueness of self, through the exploration of individual characteristics  and strengthening of your core abilities. Her goal is to reconnect you to your Soul Purpose, coach you through healing your past thereby enabling you to live your most authentic life!

About Mo'Kha Uzuri

 Ms. Uzuri is an accomplished author, teacher and motivational/inspirational speaker. Her innovative approach to self esteem and self confidence is helping her to carve a distinct niche with autodidactic people like herself.

She has been a pioneer in the world of independent artistry for over six years. To her credit she has created a successful cultural internet radio show, published a collection of poetry and a series of short stories, as well as mentored two writers to complete their life long dreams of self publishing. She has also ran two successful virtual writing challenges on Facebook.

Her creative inclination to practical goal setting and self exploration distinguish her program to obtaining self confidence. There are no prerequisites and if the desire to commit is there, positive results are inevitable. 

In addition to workshops on building self esteem, Ms. Uzuri also offers seminars on self publishing, designing your social presence, web integration and the liberation of memoir writing. All for FREE!

"What I've discovered is that there are so many people existing, rather than actually living their lives because of limited financial resources and FEAR. So I asked myself  what I could do to empower more people to pursue their dreams and this series of workshops was born."

Mo'Kha Uzuri is a wife, mother and grandmother residing in Las Vegas, NV and is currently working on her debut novel, as well as a self help eBook on building self esteem through creative expression.